Joe Gianoglio




Joe “M.A.S.A.R.O.” Gianoglio 
Ever since he was four, all he wanted to do was to draw. He drew a comic strip all over the walls of the new apartment his mom and him had just moved into and it was about this train that never stops.
Joe attended Langara College and earned a diploma for Fine Arts, then attended the University of British Columbia for one year as a transfer into the Fine Arts Program. Disillusioned after his first year, Joe left school and plunged right into the graphic industry as a graphic artist at an advertising company downtown.
Rollers’ Studio was initially established as an indie comic zine / T-shirt designing venture back in 1997. It served mainly as a creative outlet.
From bi-weekly zines to t-shirts, to burners & prints, then to design, painting and music; Rollers’ Studio kept evolving into a more refined essence of what Joe had originally visioned: An ever changing vehicle for his visual creations. A brand that aims to bridge the gap between the traditional academic realm and the urbanized-terrain of popular culture.



Two years later, he enrolled in the Visual Arts Program at Emily Carr University of Art & Design; graduated with a degree in Visual Arts in 2005.
After 2005, Joe has been doing art shows, working as an illustrator, 2D artist, UI designer, and building his portfolio in equal-parts.
Got a question? Wanna say hi? (at) gmail (dot) com.